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The RingCentral Operations Team resolved an ISP issue with Third Party Vendor, affecting some RingCentral US and Canada customers experienced "URL Call Disabled" error on their hardphones. The issue appears to be related to a major Nationwide Routing Outage with Comcast ISP. The incident started on 4/22/2014, 06:11 am Pacific and was resolved on 4/22/2014, 07:02 am Pacific. We apologize for any service interruption to your business.

RingCentral MeetingsTM

RingCentral Meeting gives you the power to video conference and web share, as part of your complete business communication solution. Hold face-to-face meetings in high definitions and share your desktop or documents with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

  • Hold HD video conferencing with upto 25 participants from around the world whenever you want.

  • Manage your entire system of locations, departments and individual extension wherever you go.

  • Use your computer (PC or Mac), smartphone (iPhone or Android), tablet (iPhone or Android)

RingCentral Meeting is available with RingCentral Office Enterprise Edition in US.

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