Adding phone numbers to my RingCentral online account

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Adding Phone Numbers to your RingCentral account This article will guide you on how to add phone numbers to my RingCentral online account.  To do this, follow the steps below:

NOTE:  You need to be an Account Administrator to perform this action.

Step 1:
Log into your RingCentral account.

Step 2:
Go to Settings Phone System.

settings phone system

Step 3:
Click Company Numbers and Info.

company numbers and info

Step 4:
Click Add Number.

add number

Step 5:
Select the type of number to be added. 

Under Option 1, you can choose the State/ Province, Area Code and your preferred number to be added to your web account.  Click Next to continue.

User-added image
Assign the extension to where the additional number will be assigned to.  In this scenario, it is assigned to the Auto-Receptionist.  Click Confirm to continue.

User-added image
You will be asked if you want to add more numbers.  Click No if you wish to add just one number.

User-added image

Next would be your order confirmation.  An additional number costs $5.00 per month.  Confirm once done.

The additional number will now be displayed under Company Numbers once added successfully.
Under Option 2, you can add a Toll Free number of your choice.  There is a $30 one-time setup fee applied to this option.

User-added image

Type in any combination of letters, numbers or wildcards that you want to check if available.  There is a $30.00 one-time set up fee applied.

User-added image
A list of vanity numbers will be displayed from where you can choose from.  Pick one and click Next to continue.  The vanity number will take approximately seven (7) days to become active.
You have now added a number to your RingCentral online account.

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