Submitting a Number Transfer Request in your online account

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SummaryHow do I submit a Number Transfer Request in my online account?
Submitting a Number Transfer Request for non-RingCentral phone numbers can be done through your online account. This can be done for numbers that need to be transferred to RingCentral.  

IMPORTANT:  SMS service may be interrupted for 72 hours for those numbers bundled with the SMS feature while the number is ported into RingCentral. Only the phone number may be transferred to RingCentral for those bundled with DSL service.

Follow these steps to submit a number transfer request on your online account.

Step 1:

Log into your RingCentral account.

NOTE:  You need to be an account Administrator to perform this action.

Step 2:

Click Company Numbers and Info.

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Step 4:

Click Use My Existing Number.

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Step 5:

Under the Use My Existing Number window, click the type of number that needs to be transferred to RingCentral.  
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NOTE: You may maintain a phone number with a current provider and have calls forwarded automatically to your RingCentral Account, select Forwarding Calls to Your Ringcentral Number.  


Step 6: 

Depending on your selection, different steps apply.  Click on the links below for specific instructions:

Step 1:

Under the Pre-Check window, answer six (6) preliminary questions and click on the applicable radio button as Yes or No.  Click Next.  Proceed to Step 6.

These questions must be answered correctly as they are crucial in successfully porting the telephone numbers.  A remark will be indicated below the question once a specific answer is selected.

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Refer to the table below for more information.
Are the numbers you are transferring ACTIVE with your current Service Provider?
It is not possible  to transfer an inactive or  disconnected number.
Do you currently have DSL on any of the numbers you are transferring?
If you select Yes, please note that you will lose your DSL service.  To maintain your DSL service, you must contact your current provider to have the DSL transferred to another phone number that you will not be transferring.
Are you transferring more than one local number?
• Transferring multiple numbers coming from one account and one provider only might require to have the other numbers addressed with your current service provider which will involve some possible issues.
Do you currently have any open orders with your current Service Provider?
• If you select Yes, you will need to cancel all open orders with your current provider.
Are you transferring all of your numbers from your current Service Provider?
• An option to transfer all numbers to RingCentral.
Have you received your RingCentral phones?
• Select Yes, if you have received the phones and they are ready for use or if you are transferring the numbers to an existing phone you already have or if you are using this numbers strictly for porting purposes.

• If you select No, please come back later to request your number to be transferred after you have received and activated your phones.

Step 1:

Under the Enter Numbers window, enter a valid Toll Free number that you would like to transfer on the field provided.  Click Next.

NOTE:  For Toll free number, only 1 (one) number at a time can be entered.

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Step 2:

Under the Date & Mapping window, you have the option to select a temporary number to be replaced.  To learn how to Select Temporary Number, click here.

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Step 3:

If not, click Next.  Proceed to Step 8.

Canadian Number

Step 1:

Under the Enter Numbers window, enter the Billing Telephone Number (main number in the account) on the field provided and then click Check to verify.

Step 2:

Enter the number that you would like to transfer. Click Next.  Proceed to Step 7.

NOTE:  For Canadian number, only 1 (one) number at a time can be entered.

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Step 6:

Under the Enter Numbers window, enter the Billing Telephone Number (main number of your account with your current provider) on the field provided and then click Check to verify.  If the number that you are porting is also the Billing Telephone Number, you must tick the check box on I want to transfer my Billing Telephone Number option.  Click Next.
• If you have more than 1 (one) billing telephone phone number, create a separate transfer request from each billing telephone number and the number associated with them.

• If you only have 1 (one) number on your account with your current provider, this would also be the billing telephone number.

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NOTE:  If you prefer to transfer multiple numbers, enter a number and click Add Another Number.  US customers are able to enter their billing telephone number and up to 99 more numbers on a single request.  Each number will be validated against the carrier of the billing telephone number.  A remark will be indicated for these additional numbers.

Step 7:

Under the Date & Mapping window, choose the transfer date and if you want to select a temporary number.  Click Next.

IMPORTANT:  Do not to select a date that is a Federal holiday.  Transferring typically takes 5-15 days, but can take up to four (4) weeks.

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NOTE:  The system will display the first available date based on your service provider’s business rules.  Greyed out dates cannot be chosen as these dates are not applicable for the service delivery of providers.  You should set the exact date of transfer bearing no rejection from the losing carrier.  In the event that the request is rejected, the transfer date will then be moved to a later date.

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Select Temporary Number

Once transfer date has been selected, you have the option to select a temporary number to be replaced.  To learn how to do this, follow the steps below.

NOTE:  You have the ability to replace your temporary numbers all at once for up to 100 numbers.  Temporary numbers are given to you when you first sign-up with RingCentral, this step allows you to map the temporary numbers to the numbers you wish to port.  Once the porting is complete, the temporary number will be replaced by the ported number.

Step 1:

Click Select Temporary Number.

Step 2:

Under the Choose Temporary Number window appears, select the number by clicking the radio button beside it.  Click Next.

NOTE:  Every temporary number assigned at purchase will be listed here.

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NOTE:  The temporary number will be replaced after the number has been completely transferred to RingCentral.  Extensions and calling rules that you have set up will remain in place after the transfer.

Step 3:

Review the number that is matched with temporary numbers.  Click Next.  Proceed to Step 8.

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Step 8:

Under the Account Confirmation window, enter the telephone number’s account information based from your service records.  Click Next.

NOTE:  Ensure that all necessary fields are filled in and all information is accurate to avoid rejections.  If you are unsure of the account information stated above, contact your current service provider. 

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Type of Account – Select Business or Residential.
Name on Account – Enter the name of the individual authorized to make changes on the account with your current provider.
Company Name – Enter the exact company name as it is on file with your current provider.
Service Address – Enter the address where the physical phone service is. Please check that you are not entering the billing address if it is different as it will cause the order to be rejected.  You must separate the service address into the respective fields.  There are pull-down menus for pre-directional fields, and post-directional fields.
Your Contact Phone Number– Enter the number where we can reach you if necessary.

NOTE:  Certain carriers will require an account number which is separate from your billing telephone number and/or a PIN.  If the number being transferred is a mobile number, you will need to enter the PIN provided by your carrier.

Verify the information you provided before you click Next.  You may click the Back button to make corrections.
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IMPORTANT:  You must notify your phone company if you have any numbers associated with your current billing phone number otherwise, your provider may reject your transfer request.

Step 9:

Under Letter of Authorization, go over the terms and conditions and tick the I Agree check box.  Click Next to complete the request.

NOTE:  A Bandwidth Letter of Authorization will be generated for Neustar orders.  For numbers that are not ported with Neustar, a slightly different Letter of Authorization will be generated.

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Step 10:

Once the number transfer request is successful, a message prompt informs you of the progress of the number transfer request and other details.  Click Complete.

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Once you have completed the request online, you would be able to see the status of your request.

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NOTE:  To check for status updates of your number transfer request:

• Log in to your RingCentral account and look under Settings > Phone Systems > Company Numbers and Info.

• Locate for Pending Numbers.  It will be shown on rightmost column.  It contains the Order Number, Order Created Date, Requested Transfer Date, and the current Status of the order.

• If the rejection will occur, it will also be shown on the Order Details.  Instruction on the issue and how to correct it will be also available on the Order Details section.

• You will also be notified if there is an issue with your request.  You will be instructed to log in to your RingCentral account to address the issue.

• Once the firm order completion is received, the status will change to Transfer date Confirmed.  This is the confirmed date your numbers will be transferred to your RingCentral account.
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