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The RingCentral Softphone v5.16 for Windows is now compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2013.

To learn how to check the version of your RingCentral Softphone, click here.

With the newest Softphone, you can do the following:

Use your Outlook 2013 contacts with Softphone

Set Outlook 2013 contacts as your Softphone address book.

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Call or send fax to your Outlook 2013 contacts by using your RingCentral Softphone add-in.

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See the names of Outlook 2013 contacts who call or fax when using your Softphone.

Send faxes directly from any Office 2013 application

Send current Office file as fax attachment by using your RingCentral Softphone add-in.

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Simply choose RingCentral Internet Fax from your list of printers.

Sync your Outlook 2013 contacts with your RingCentral online account

No more manual importing and exporting whenever a contact needs to be updated within Outlook or your online account.

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Alphanumeric passwords support

While you can continue to log in using your current numeric password, we strongly recommend downloading the latest version.  This is to ensure that you can continue to log in if you ever change your password to an alphanumeric password.

NOTE:  If you've already downloaded the Softphone, you can check for the latest version.  To learn how to update your RingCentral Softphone version, click here.

If you're a new user, you can download the latest version of RingCentral Softphone from your online account.  For specific instructions, click on the links below:
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