New Features in RingCentral Softphone

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SummaryWhat are the new features in the RingCentral Softphone?
The RingCentral Softphone for Windows has released new updates for optimum VoIP experience.  Check the version of your RingCentral Softphone to ensure that you have the latest Softphone installed on your computer.

What's new in version 6.5

• The RingCentral Softphone is now compatible with Microsoft Office 365 Integration.

What's new in version 6.4
• Minor enhancements
• Various bug fixes
Other features include:

Share VoIP line with the Softphone

You can enable outbound/inbound calls on the Softphone with each associated IP Phone purchased.

Outlook Integration

You can easily manage your contacts by integrating your Outlook to your RingCentral Softphone.

Alphanumeric passwords support

While you can continue to log in using your current numeric password, we strongly recommend downloading the latest version.  This is to ensure that you can continue to log in if you ever change your password to an alphanumeric password.

NOTE:  If you've already downloaded the Softphone, you can check for the latest version.  You need to update your RingCentral Softphone to use this feature.

If you're a new user, you can download the latest version of RingCentral Softphone from your online account.  For specific instructions, click on the links below:
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