Alphanumeric Password and PIN Overview

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SummaryWhat is Alphanumeric Password and PIN?
This article will provide you an overview of the Alphanumeric Password and PIN.

i.   What's new?
ii.  Requirements
iii. Scenarios
iv.  Related articles listing

What's new?

Starting April 2014, ALL RingCentral customers will be required to create alphanumeric Password and PIN. Customers will be prompted to update to an Alphanumeric password when they log into their online account.

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Click Change Password Now to  reset your passwords.

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After the rollout of the Alphanumeric password, you will now have two (2) items for your account:

Alphanumeric password - Online Account, Mobile App and Softphone
PIN - Phone access (i.e. Voicemail, Virtual Calling Card, etc.)

IMPORTANT: After updating to the alphanumeric password you must use the latest version of the Smartphone mobile app, Softphone, and SalesForce App for the alphanumeric password to work. To learn how to update your Softphone, click here. For mobile apps, download the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.


You will find below the required settings for the following:
• Alphanumeric password
• Minimum of 8 Characters
• Maximum of 32 Characters
• At least one (1) letter
• At least one (1) number
• At least one (1) special character (!, @, $, #) or upper case letter

NOTE:  For example, you can use Ringcentral8 or ringcentral@2014
If you want to change or reset your password form the online account, you must also change both the Alphanumeric Password and PIN.  Changing the Security Question is optional.  To learn how to do this click here.

• Minimum of 6 numbers
• Maximum of 10 numbers
• Non sequential
• Non repeating

NOTE:  For example, you can use 0917515 or 6259735874.
You can reset your PIN over the phone using the Phone IVR.  Only the PIN can be reset, there's no option to reset the alphanumeric password through the Phone IVR.


You will find below the possible scenarios that you may encounter relating to the Alphanumeric Password and PIN feature.  Click on the links to know more.

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