List of Tested Phones with RingCentral

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SummaryWhat are the tested phones with the RingCentral service?
The list below refers to phones that were tested to work with your RingCentral service.

To learn more about phone features, go to RingCentral Business VoIP Phones and Devices page: US, UK
Table 1: Phones Tested to Work with RingCentral
Cisco / LinksysCisco Linksys 2102 ATAAssisted Provisioning for Cisco / Linksys IP Phones
Cisco Linksys PAP2T ATA
Cisco SPA-122 ATA
Cisco SPA-303 Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-504G Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-508G Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-509G Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-514G Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-525G2 Desk Phone
Cisco SPA525G Advanced Executive Color IP Phone
PolycomPolycom IP 321 Basic IP phoneAssisted Provisioning for Polycom IP Phones
Polycom IP 335 HD IP phone
Polycom 5000 Conference Phone
Polycom IP 550 HD Manager IP phone
Polycom IP 6000 Conference Phone
Polycom VVX101
Polycom VVX201
Polycom VVX300
Polycom VVX310
Polycom VVX400
Polycom VVX410
Polycom VVX500
Polycom VVX600
SoundPoint IP 331
SoundPoint IP 450
SoundPoint IP 560
SoundPoint IP 650
SoundPoint IP 670
SoundPoint IP 7000
YealinkYealink SIP-T21P Basic IP Phone 
Yealink W52P Cordless Phone

Other phones that require manual setup

The phones listed below, and phone models that are not listed in Table 1 can be manually provisioned. Please refer to manufacturer support on how to provision the phones manually and provide the SIP configuration.
Table 2: 3rd Party Phones
Snom Desk PhonesClick here.
Aastra Desk PhonesClick here.
Grandstream Desk PhonesClick here.
Yealink Cordless PhoneClick here.

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