Resolving Partially Received Faxes

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SummaryMy fax was marked as partially received. What does this mean?
Partially received faxes are fax documents that only show a few pages of the faxed document.  A partially received fax can occur when the fax transmission is interrupted prematurely.  The major causes of partially received faxes include poor line quality and/or errors from the sending or receiving fax machine.

RingCentral's fax services will save and deliver all of the pages that were successful, and mark the fax as partially received.  Typically, the sending machine will automatically retry to send the fax if it detects that the transmission was not successful.  Depending on the fax machine, this may take anywhere from one (1) to 10 minutes.

NOTE:  It is highly recommended that you send or receive faxes by batch of at least 5 pages.  This method will increase the chances of completely receiving the faxed document and decrease the probability of packet loss.

The following troubleshooting steps will help make fax machines work better with RingCentral fax:

Fax Machine Troubleshooting
RingCentral Account Troubleshooting

Fax Machine Troubleshooting

• Ask the other party to set their fax machine to Overseas mode.  It will lower the Baud rate and turn OFF the Error Correction Mode (ECM).  If there is no Overseas mode, have them adjust the BAUD rate to 7200 bps and turn off the ECM to get the same results.  These settings can be found on the fax machine's R/W parameters or Advanced Fax settings.  For specific instructions, refer to the fax machine’s manual or support.

• Fax machines would work best with a direct landline phone connection, not a VoIP broadband connection.  VoIP connections are optimized for voice, not data or fax transmissions.
• Fax machines may require a specific modem type.  Ensure that the modem attached to the fax machine is a fax modem.  Refer to the device’s documentation for more information.

NOTE:  If you're still getting partially received faxes after adjusting the BAUD rate and turning OFF the Error Correction Mode.  It is possible that your fax machine is not compatible with RingCentral Fax Service.

RingCentral Account Troubleshooting

• If the fax machine is not able to hear fax-tones when dialing into a RingCentral number set to receive voice and fax, you can Add a Dedicated Fax number.
• Alternatively, you can simply add a direct number under the user with the number type set to Fax Only then send this number to your contacts as your fax number.
• If you’re receiving partial faxes, try to free up mailbox space by deleting old or unused faxes in your account.  Having full mailbox is also one of the causes of partially received faxes.

IMPORTANT:  When sending file documents for faxes, make sure that the file attachment is supported for faxes.

NOTE:  If you do not receive any additional attempts after a partial fax is received, ask the sender to resend the fax.

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