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Assign Shortcut to Ringcentral App for Mac Folder

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SummaryHow do I assign a shortcut to the Ringcentral App for Mac Folder?


Shortcut to Library does not appear on Home / User's Root directory.



Unhide the Library and create a shortcut to the RingCentral folder on your Library.

Step 1:

To open the Library folder, click Go in Finder and Press option on your keyboard. The Library folder will be temporarily displayed on the list.

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Step 2:

To unhide the Library folder for that user, open the Terminal and enter this command:

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chflags nohidden ~/Library

The Library folder should now display permanently on the Go list.

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Step 3:

If you want to create a shortcut: Highlight the RingCentral folder on your Library then press command+L to create an alias/shortcut.

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You may move (on the Desktop or Home) and rename this shortcut and it will open the RingCentral app folder directly.

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