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SummaryYealink W56P is a SIP-based cordless phone that pairs with the Yealink W56H handset. Yealink W56P / W56H is supported by RingCentral Assisted Provisioning. Follow the steps below to provision your Yealink W56P / W56H.

Provisioning - How to Provision my Yealink W56P/W56H

1. Go to Phone System > Phones and Devices.

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2. On the list of User Phones, click Setup & Provision on the Yealink W56P.

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3. Select Device: Click the Yealink IP Phones tab and click Select under Yealink W56P Cordless Phone.

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4. Provisioning: Follow the configuration details. You will need the phone's MAC Address to proceed.

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5. Finish: Follow the steps specific to your phone. Click Done when provisioning is completed.

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See also:
Download the Yealink W56P / W56H Quick Start Guide (PDF file) for steps on pairing the W56P base with the W56H handset (see Handset Registration)
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