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Fax - Send Fax | Using a Cover Page

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SummaryYou can include a Cover Page when sending Fax Messages. The Cover Page is used to identify who the fax is from and who the intended recipient of the fax is. It does not have to be used if not needed.

Sending Fax Messages - Using Cover Page

1. On the Send a Fax window, tick the Enable checkbox under Cover Page.

Enable Cover Page

2. Click Select.

click select

3. Click the drop-down arrow on Cover Page and select your preferred Cover Page.

select Cover Page

4. To preview your selected Cover Page template, click on the thumbnail of your selected Cover Page under Preview. Click Done

NOTE: The preview will only show the image of the Cover Page template that you have selected. This image will not include the Recipient's information, your information, and the note in the Cover Page Notes box.

preview Cover Page

NOTE: You may enter your message/note in the box provided for the Cover Page Notes. This is optional.

Cover page notes

5. Click Send Now to send your Fax or send it at a later time. See Scheduling a Fax.

User-added image

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