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SummaryWhen you send or schedule a fax, the fax message is saved in your Outbox folder under the Messages tab until it is successfully sent. Successfully sent fax messages will be moved in your Sent Items folder under the Messages tab. You can also filter it under the Call Log tab.

How to check status of sent faxes?

Sending in Progress

Check Outbox

Sent Successfully

Sent Items
Call Logs

Fax Sending in Progress: Check Outbox

1. On your RingCentral account, click Messages.
2. Click Outbox.

RingCentral will need to process and convert your fax message into a format that regular fax machines can read before sending. You can still cancel your fax message before it is sent or answered by the receiving number within 30 seconds. 

IMPORTANT: Once RingCentral has attempted to send your fax message, it can no longer be cancelled even after deleting it from your Outbox folder. When the fax failed to send on the 1st attempt, RingCentral will automatically attempt to resend the fax within 5-10 mins after the attempt. When the fax still fails to send on the 2nd attempt, RingCentral will resend the fax for the last time and marks it as failed when it still fails on the 3rd attempt.


Fax Sent Successfully: Check Sent Items or Call Log

When your fax message has been sent successfully, the fax will disappear from the Outbox folder and will be moved to the Sent Items folder. When the fax message failed to send (3rd attempt), it stays in the Outbox folder so you can attempt to resend at a later time. You can also check the status of a sent fax message under Call Log.

Fax Messages in Sent Items

1. Click Messages.
2. Click Sent Items.

Fax Messages in Call Log  

1. Click Call Log.
2. Choose to show call logs records for the last 7, 30 or 60 days or specify the Date.
3. Open More.
4. Select Fax for Types of Call.
5. Select Outbound for Call Direction.
6. Click Apply.

When filtered, it will show the Recipient's Fax Number under the Phone Number column, and the status of the sent fax under Results.


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