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SummaryChanging and extension's password can be done through your RingCentral online account. Administrators can change the Passwords and Security Questions on an extension's online account to maintain the account's confidentiality and privacy.

Changing an extension’s password (Administrator)

1. Go to Users > Users list.

User - User list

2. Under Users with Extension, click on the User that you wish to configure.

Users with Extension - select user

3. Click User Details.

User - User Details

4. Under User Details, click Change Password under Password.

Password - Change Password

5. Enter your Current Admin Password before changing the following:

Change the User's Password
Change the User's PIN
Change the User's Security Question 

Enter current Password

Change the User's Password

Enter the New Password and Confirm Password. Click Save.

NOTE: The new Password must meet the following criteria:

• One (1) letter
• One (1) number
• One (1) special character (!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, * , .) or One (1) uppercase letter
• At least eight (8) characters with a maximum of 32 characters.
• No repeating or sequential characters/numbers

Enter new password

Change the User's PIN

The PIN is used to verify the User's identity when checking their voicemail from a phone or in the automated attendant when contacting Customer Care. The new PIN must meet the following criteria:

• At least 6 numbers
• Maximum of 10 numbers
• Numbers only
• Non-sequential and Non-repeating

Enter the New PIN and Confirm PIN. Click Save.

Change PIN

Change Security Question 

Click the drop-down list to select the Security Question and fill in the Answer field. Click Save.

Change Security Question

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