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SummaryWhen doing a Consultative or Warm Transfer, the party, whom you want to transfer the call to, answers their phone before you transfer the call or hang up. The Caller ID of the one transferring the call will show and not of the originating call.

Consultative or Warm Transfer – Polycom Phones

For example, you answer a call and the call needs to be transferred to another party. But first, you will need to talk to the other party and tell him/her who's calling. You will use a Consultative or Warm transfer.

1. While on the call, press the Transfer or Trans key.

2. Enter the Extension number or Phone number, to where you want to transfer the call to.

3. As soon as the ring-back sound is heard or after the party answers, press the Transfer or Trans key to complete the transfer.

At this point, you can talk privately to the other party, to where you are transferring the call, before the transfer is completed. During transfer, the other party will see your Caller ID.​


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