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SummaryWhen doing a Blind or Cold Transfer, the call is automatically transferred after you dial the number of the party, whom you want to transfer the call to. Only the Caller ID of the originating call will show.

Blind or Cold Transfer - Polycom Phones  

1. While on the call, press the Transfer or Trans key.

2. Enter the Extension number or Phone number, to where you want to transfer the call to.

3. Wait for couple of seconds for the transfer to complete automatically, or press the Hash Key (#) to dial out. 

At this point, the call is connected to the number to where you want to transfer the call to.

QUICK TIP: The default transfer type for Polycom VVX Series Phones is Consultative or Warm Transfer. You can change the default transfer type during a call or change it via its Settings menu.

Changing the Default Transfer Type During a Call

1. While on a call, long press the Transfer key.

2. Select Blind.

When selected, you can proceed with your transfer.

Changing the Default Transfer Type via the Settings menu

1. Press the Menu key.

2. Press Settings.

3. Press Basic.

4. Press Preferences.

5. Press Default Transfer Type.

6. Select Blind

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