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RingCentral Webinar- Unmute Attendees

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SummaryDuring a RingCentral Webinar a Host can now allow Attendees to turn ON or OFF their audio or video without making them a panelist. This allows Attendees to unmute or mute their audio or to share their video during a webinar.


RingCentral Webinars - Unmute attendees

1. In a webinar, click Participants.

rc webinar participants

2. Click on Attendees, and then click Allow to talk on the Participant that you would like to talk.

rc webinar participants allow to talk

The Attendee will now be able to unmute or mute themselves and speak in the webinar. However, the Attendee will not be able to share his/her video.

NOTE: The Allow to talk feature will not be available if the Participant is using an older version of RingCentral Meetings.

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