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Troubleshooting - Collect HAR Logs | RingCentral

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SummaryWhen it comes to troubleshooting things that occur on the Online Portal, it’s very helpful for Support to gather the HAR (HTTP Archive Viewer) logs. Let’s say you receive an error message when trying to make a change via the Online Portal. Support will need to gather the HAR & VAR logs from your web browser in order to dig deeper and see what is going on behind the scenes – basically, how your browser is interacting with the current site it is on.


Troubleshooting - Collect HAR Logs | RingCentral

Collect HAR/VAR Logs in Chrome
Collect HAR Logs in Firefox

Collect HAR/VAR Logs in Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome browser.

2. Press F12 (Windows) or press Option+Command+I (Mac).

3. Go to Network and make sure that the Preserve log checkbox is ticked.

google network - preserve

4. Select Console and make sure Preserve Log checkbox is ticked.

google console preserve

5. Replicate the issue.

6. Right-click anywhere (Windows) or press Ctrl + click (Mac) in Console Log and Select Save As. Save the file in downloads or on the desktop.

7. Select the Network tab, right-click anywhere or press Ctrl + click (Mac) in the Network logs and select Save as HAR with Content.

Network lags

Collect HAR Logs in Firefox

1. Open Firefox browser.

2. Press Ctrl+Shift+E (Windows) or press Option+Command+I (Mac).
You can also click Menu (Hamburger icon) > Web Developer.

firefox - menu web developer

3. Select Network.

firefox - menu web developer network

4. The Developer Network Tool will open. Make sure the Network Tab is selected.

5. Replicate the issue that occurred.

6. Right-click (Windows) or press Ctrl + click (Mac) within the Developer Tool and select Save all as HAR.

Save all as HAR

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