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RingCentral Rooms - Use passcode to exit a Room

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SummaryThe "Require Code to Exit" setting lets you specify whether users need to enter a code in order to exit RingCentral Rooms.


RingCentral Rooms - Use passcode to exit a Room

Make sure that this feature is enabled in your online account first to be able to secure your RingCentral Rooms.

1. Log in to your RingCentral Account.

2. Click Tools > Meetings.

3. Click RingCentral Rooms.

4. Click Edit on the room that you want to require a passcode when exiting a meeting.

rc rooms local start-stop scheduled meeting edit room

5. Under General Settings, enter the Room Passcode on the field provided. The 1-16 digit number or characters will be used to secure your RingCentral Rooms application. This code must be entered on your RingCentral Room Controller to change settings or sign out.

6. Toggle the button ON beside Require Code to Exit to enable. 

rc rooms local room passcode

7. Click Save Changes.

When enabled, you will need to enter the passcode to exit the meeting.

1. When a meeting is done tap Exit or Sign Out.

2. Enter the passcode to exit.

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