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RingCentral Rooms - Camera Control Presets on iPad Controller

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SummaryThe "Camera Control" option includes three (3) buttons that can be used to return a camera to a specific preset position. This is available on supported models of Logitech and AVer cameras.


RingCentral Rooms - Camera Control Presets on iPad Controller

1. Start or join a meeting.

2. Tap Camera Control.

rc rooms ipad controller camera control

3. Touch and hold one of the preset buttons.

NOTE: A pop-up window may appear if the RingCentral Rooms settings are currently locked.  Enter the passcode for the RingCentral Room and tap OK.

4.Tap Set position, then use the icons to zoom or pan the camera to the position you want as the preset.

5. Tap Rename to change the name of the preset button that displays to participants on the RingCentral Room controller.

6. Repeat steps 5-6 for the other buttons, then tap Done.

The buttons are now available for anyone using the RingCentral Room controller. They do not need a passcode to position the camera to one of the preset positions, but cannot change or rename these buttons.

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