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SummaryYou need to assign the Overflow Call Queue/s to the primary call queue after the call queues have been set up. You need to log in to the RingCentral Online Account as an Account Administrator or a Call Queue Manager to configure the steps.


Call Queue - Admin: Assign Overflow Call Queues

1. Select the Call Queue group that you would like to configure, and then click Call Handling & Members.

call queue - call handling

2. Click Overflow, and then toggle the switch on Enable Send Calls to Overflow Queue

call queue - call handling - overflow

3. Select your Overflow Queue/s from the list. Members of the selected call queue/s will receive overflow calls coming from the primary call queue. A maximum of three (3) queues can be selected.

NOTE: Click and hold the button beside the check box to drag and change the order.

call queue - call handling - select overflow queue

IMPORTANT: The Primary Call Queue trying to enable queue overflow should not have Simultaneous Ringing selected in its Call Handling settings. If Simultaneous Ringing is turned on, you will get a pop-up notification to change your call handling preference to Rotation or Fixed in order to enable the overflow queue.

4. Click Save.

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