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RingCentral Meetings - Mobile | Participant Controls

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SummaryRingCentral Meetings is designed for open exchanges and interactive communications. The Host has access to special controls to help manage the meeting as well as the participants. At the same time, Participants can also control their own audio and video displays, and share their desktop screens. Below are what a Participant can do during a meeting using the RingCentral Meetings Mobile App.


RingCentral Meetings - Mobile | Participant Controls  




Tap to mute or unmute. 
If you have not connected your audio yet or want to change your audio source, you can tap Audio view the following options:

 - Call using Internet Audio (iOS) / Call via Device Audio (Android) - Connect to the Meeting using your device audio.
- Dial In - Connect to the Meeting by dialing in on a deskphone.
- Call My Phone - Use the Call Me feature. See RingCentral Meetings - Call Me and Call Out Overview to learn more.


Tap to turn ON or OFF.


Tap to share files and mobile screen. See RingCentral Meetings - Mobile | Share Files and Screens to learn more.


Tap to view more controls:
• Tap your name in the list will allow you to Raise Hand and Rename.
• Tap on a Participant or the Host to send a private chat.
Tap Chats to send a chat message to everyone in the meeting or to a selected Participant.
Tap Invite to send a meeting invite.


Tap to view the following options:
Tap Disconnect Audio to change your audio.
Tap Host to reclaim Host controls. This is available if your are the original Host of the meeting.
Tap Raise Hand to notify the Host that you need his/her attention. The Host will get a notification that you have raised your hand.


Available when you have turned ON your video. Tap to use the front or rear camera.

Wired Headset / Speaker 

• Tap to use your mobile device's speaker or a headset.

End / Leave 

Tap to leave the meeting.

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