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International Calling - Disable International Calling to a Specific Country | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article will guide Administrators in disabling International calling to specific countries for all Users on the RingCentral account.

International Calling - Disable International Calling to a Specific Country / Area Code

If you need to disable International calling for the entire account, follow the steps in International Calling - Disable International Calling. To proceed in blocking specific countries/area code only, continue below.

You must log in to the RingCentral account as an Administrator in order to perform the steps below.

1. Click the Billing tab. 

2. Click International Calling

3. You will see the list of available countries for international calling. Scroll down, and the look for the country that you want to disable. 

4. Toggle the switch to disable specific area codes per country. A gray switch means that the area code is disabled while a blue switch means that international calling is enabled for that specific area code. 

In the example below, international calling is still enabled on some area codes in Argentina but completely disabled in Armenia.  

User-added image

If you prefer to restrict some Users from placing international calls, you can create a Standard Custom Role and assign this Role to these Users. See the International Calling - Blocking Specific Users from placing International calls for more information. 

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