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RingCentral Meetings - Desktop | Assign a New Host or Co-Host

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SummaryWhen you start a Meeting, you automatically become the Host for that Meeting. You can assign another Participant to be the new Host or a Co-Host of the meeting. Co-Hosts have the same privileges as the Hosts and Hosts are able to withdraw Co-host permissions.

This feature is OFF by default. Account Administrators can enable this feature account-wide and for Users.

RingCentral Meetings - Desktop | Assign a New Host or Co-Host

Enable Co-Host account-wide

1. Go to Tools > Meetings > Meetings Settings.

2. Scroll down to In Meeting (Basic) and enable Co-host.

Enable Co-Host in your own Extension Settings

1. Go to Settings > Meetings.

2. Scroll down to In Meeting (Basic) and enable Co-host.

NOTE: If the Host has to leave an on-going meeting, s/he cannot start another meeting simultaneously.

How it works when enabled

1. Hosts can click Manage Participants during a meeting, .

2. Hover on the Participant that you want to become the Host, and then click More > Make Host or Make Co-Host.

rc meetings 5.1 manage participants make host

NOTE:  If you are the Host trying to start a meeting and you are prompted that you are waiting for the Host, it may be that you are logged in to another account that is not associated with the currently scheduled meeting. Make sure you are logged in with the account that you originally scheduled the meeting with. 

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