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RingCentral Meetings - Large Meetings | Purchase and Assign a License

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SummaryYour account Administrator or a User with administrator privileges can ONLY purchase Large Meetings licenses either. The can access the Billing page on the RingCentral Online account or call Sales. The license cost will reflect the Office subscription, either monthly or annually.

The Large Meetings license needs to be assigned to a User in order to host more participants per meeting.

RingCentral Meetings - Large Meetings | Purchase and Assign a License

Purchase a Large Meeting License

1. On the Admin Portal page, click Billing > Meetings.

2. Under Large Meeting,click Add Licenses

The Add window will open.

3. Click the + button under # of Licenses across your preferred license to add one (1) license, and then click Next.

NOTE: The Sub-total shown does not include the taxes, fees, and prorates.

4. Review the charges. You may click Expand and/or the + sign to view more information about the charges. Tick the acknowledge check box to confirm your order, and then click Next.

NOTE: The detailed information on Additional RingCentral Services will not be available in Billing History.

5. The Order Confirmation window will shows a summary of the charges and adjustments to your account. You may click Print to have a hard copy of the statement. Otherwise, click Done

Assign a Large Meeting License 

Once you have purchased a license, it will appear under the Large Meeting tab on Billings > Meetings section.

1. Click Assign across the license.

Click Assign.

The Assign window will open.

2. Click on the radio button of the selected User from the list, and then click Assign.

To reassign the license to a different User, just hover on the Large Meeting you want to unassign and click Unaasign. Repeat the first two steps again to assign. 

unassign large meeting

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