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RingCentral Meetings - QoS DSCP Marking

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SummaryQuality of Service (QoS) DSCP Marking is used to determine classification for network traffic. This can be used to see which network traffic needs higher bandwidth, has a higher priority, and see which network is likely to drop packets. An Administrator or User with access to Meetings Settings can adjust the priority of RingCentral Meetings traffic on their network. This feature is available to RingCentral Meetings version 6.3 and above.


RingCentral Meetings - QoS DSCP Marking

1. Log in to your RingCentral Account.

2. Click Tools > Meetings.

3. Click Meetings Settings and scroll down to In Meeting (Advanced) section.

4. Toggle the button to enable DSCP marking.

rc meetings - dscp marking

IMPORTANT: These settings do not take effect with Windows computers installed with the .exe file. Windows computers must be installed with the .msi file.

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