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Tools for Developers

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SummaryWhat developer tools are offered by RingCentral?

RingCentral Connect Platform is a set of tools and services to build, deploy, and manage custom integrations using RingCentral APIs. With this platform, developers can build out-of-the-box integrations with RingCentral to add powerful communication capabilities to business applications.

The RingCentral Connect Platform enables multi-modal communication, capturing communication logs, automating key business processes, streamlining user provisioning, as well as leveraging valuable business insights. Example use cases include:
• A medical business may use an integrated app to seamlessly consolidate call recordings into its patient management system.
• A sales team may integrate voice calling into their CRM to enable sales reps to make 30 more minutes of calls per day.
• A home repair dispatch may integrate SMS to send text alerts to field repairmen to visit certain locations that need repair
• A customer support team may integrate a screen pop to allow a customer’s account to automatically show up on an agent’s screen when that customer calls. 
The RingCentral Connect Platform provides a suite of tools and services, including a developer portal, a rich set of self-service APIs, SDKs, sandbox environment, and tutorials. Developers can manage the full lifecycle of custom applications, including tracking applications in development, and moving apps from sandbox to production. Developer support and a forum will also be available to assist developers and answer questions.

RingCentral Developer Platform and what it’s used for by Developers

• REST APIs to integrate with RingCentral
• JavaScript APIs to integrate with RingCentral
• Sandbox server for developing, testing and monitoring
• Provisioned local phone numbers for the Sandbox accounts

Most Frequent Use Cases

• Call Log retrieval and dashboards
• CRM integration (RingOut, Incoming call pop-up)
• FAX and SMS sending/receiving

Who can access the RingCentral Connect Platform?

RingCentral Ultimate Plan Primary Users
• ISVs (Independent Software Service) and Sis (System Integrators) will also be able to participate to create re-usable integrations

RingCentral has integrated with other leading cloud enterprise applications including Salesforce, Google for Work, Zendesk, Desk.com, Box and Dropbox. A couple of new integrations are available including Zoho, which developed a powerful integration that allows 13 million customers of their CRM to leverage RingCentral capabilities without ever leaving the Zoho app. Zoho CRM Users can set up and integrate their RingCentral service by following the instructions in Zoho CRM's Support Website. In addition, Intuit integrated RingCentral into one of their products to enhance their customer experience. These examples are some of the integrations already in production as a result of the new RingCentral Connect Platform, and there are many underway.
RingCentral also introduced a new App Gallery, a destination where customers can discover application integrations that are commercially available, and where developers can showcase their integrations. To learn more and request access to the RingCentral Connect Platform, visit https://developer.ringcentral.com.

For inquiries about the RingCentral Connect Platform, RingCentral Customers can open a case and select either "Developer Platform" or "RingCentral APIs" from the product assistance dropdown field when creating a case. 
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NOTE: The development team can also be reached via email (devsupport@ringcentral.com) as an alternative in case prospective developers don’t have their own login yet.
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