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RingCentral Meetings - Breakout Rooms | Host Controls

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SummaryHosts may want to break out a meeting into several rooms so that Participants can discuss by group. Breakout Rooms are deal for dividing meetings participants to smaller groups for discussion, activities or training. A Host can break out a meeting into up to 50 sub-meeting sessions. After the Host opens a Breakout Room, Participants in that breakout room will enter a new meeting session. Host can also move Participants back to the original main session.

Below are what a Host can do if Breakout Rooms is enabled.


RingCentral Meetings - Breakout Rooms | Host Controls


• The Create Breakout Rooms window will appear, where the Host can assign Participants and set the number of rooms. The Host can also Automatically or Manually create a Breakout Room.

• When the Host selects to Automatically create a Breakout Room, Participants are automatically listed in the Breakout Room. 

meetings create breakout room

• When the Host selects to Manually create a Breakout Room, the Host needs to click Assign and tick on the checkbox to add Participants in a Breakout Room. 

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• The Host can click Rename or Delete the Breakout Room.
• Deleting all Breakout Rooms will allow you recreate a Breakout Room again.

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• The Host can hover on a Participant and then click Move or Exchange to a different Breakout Room.

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• The Host can click Recreate to recreate a Breakout Room. All existing rooms will be replaced.

rc meetings breakout room recreate

The Host can click Add a Room to add another Breakout Room. The Host needs to click Assign to add Participants in added the Breakout Room.

rc meetings breakout room add

The Host can click Open All Rooms to see Participants who have not yet joined a Breakout Room.

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For Participants who have not yet joined a Breakout Room, they will be listed under Unassigned. The Host can hover on the Participant's name and click Assign To.

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The Host can also click Join on a selected Breakout Room.

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The Host can also click Broadcast a message to all to send a message to all Participants.

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When the Host clicks Close All Rooms, the Participants are given 60 seconds to leave their respective Breakout Rooms.


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