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SummaryReports are graphical representations of your RingCentral account's call activities that can be generated by Account administrators and Group Managers. The User Activity Report summarizes inbound and outbound call volume and usage for selected users over a selected date range. Compare call volume metrics with a user’s job performance or workload to understand how to optimize the calls for best results. This section shows how you can generate a report for all Users and for specific Users.

Generate User Activity Report

1. Log in as an Account administrator to your RingCentral Online Account.

2. Go to Reports > Historical Reports.


4. Select your preferred date range. — Click the Date Filter box which displays Last 7 days by default. Click GO to proceed.

5. Click EXPAND to view filtering options.

6. Click Select Extensions and filter your results for Call Type.

NOTE: Click Clear All to reset the filters.

7. Tick the box before the User/IVR Menu/Group name, then click Done.


• Use the Search box to easily find a User/IVR Menu/Group.
• Use the Filter drop-down right next to the Search box to further filter the list.
• Switch between views by clicking Show All or Show Selected.
• Use the Show drop-down box to view 10, 25, 50, or 100 names on one page.
• Use the page navigator right next to the Show drop-down box to jump to a different page.

8. Click Apply All.

NOTE: The page will refresh and display a Report based on User activity.

9. Save or export your Report.​

NOTE: This step is optional. You may save Reports if you regularly generate the same data.

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