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RingCentral Meetings - Closed Caption | Host Controls

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SummaryHosts can type or allow someone else to type closed captions. The "Assign someone to type" window will appear when the Host clicks "Closed Caption" button on the in-meeting dashboard.  

This feature is OFF by default. Account Administrators can enable this feature account-wide and for Users. Users can also enable this in their own Extension Settings.


RingCentral Meetings - Closed Caption | Host Controls

Enable Closed Caption account-wide

1. Go to Tools > Meetings > Meetings Settings.

2. Scroll down to In Meeting (Advanced) and enable Closed caption.

 rc meetings enable closed caption account-wide

Enable Closed Caption  in your own Extension Settings

1. Go to Settings > Meetings.

2. Scroll down to In Meeting (Advanced) and enable Closed caption.

rc meetings enable closed caption extension

How it works when enabled 

Closed Caption will appear in your meetings dashboard when enabled.

The Host can select I will type to allow him/herself to type Closed Captions or click Open Manage Participants to assign a Participant to do the captioning.

5.4 meetings closed caption

NOTE: Hosts may not be able to request Participants using the RingCentral Mobile App to type Closed Captions.

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