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RingCentral Meetings - Share Screen | Host Controls

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SummaryAside from initiating "Share Screen", Hosts can control how Participants can share screens in a meeting. Hosts can click on options button beside "Share Screen" to immediately allow one or multiple Participants can share screens. 


RingCentral Meetings - Share Screen | Host Controls

rc meetings 5.1 in meetings share screen adv

Below are the of set conditions on how to share screen during a meeting when the Host click on Advanced Sharing Options....

rc meetings 5.1 in meetings share screen adv expanded 1

On One participant can share at a time
 Host can select Only Host or All Participants on Who can share?
 If Only Host is selected, other Participants cannot start sharing. The option will be grayed out. If Host selected this condition during a meeting and a there is a Participant currently sharing his/her screen, Share Screen will stop.
• If All Participants is selected, other Participants can start sharing.

On Multiple participants can share simultaneously 
 Dual monitors are recommended for this option.
 The Host and All Participants can share and start sharing when someone else is sharing.

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