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RingCentral Meetings - Auto-saving Chats

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SummaryYou can click Save to save the chat from your meeting or enable Auto-saving chats in your online account. 

This feature is OFF by default. Account Administrators can enable this feature account-wide and for Users. Users can also enable this in their own Extension Settings.

RingCentral Meetings - Auto-saving Chats

Enable Auto-saving Chats account-wide

1. Go to Tools > Meetings > Meetings Settings.

2. Scroll down to In Meeting (Basic) and enable Auto saving chats.

rc meetings auto-save chat account-wide

Enable Auto-saving Chats in your own Extension Settings

1. Go to Settings > Meetings.

2. Scroll down to In Meeting (Basic) and enable Auto saving chats.

rc meetings auto-save chat extension

How it works when enabled

When enabled, the text conversation in your meeting will be automatically saved after the meeting is ended. A text file is saved in your local folder where meetings recordings are stored.

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