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Analytics Portal - Company Numbers Report Overview | RingCentral

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SummaryYou can generate a report from RingCentral Analytics Portal using Company Numbers. The are also a number of Key Perfomance Indicators (KPIs) available for this report.

NOTE: We currently only provide data on inbound calls received through company numbers.

Analytics Portal - Company Numbers Report Overview

Company Numbers KPIs Overview

•The number or percentage of all inbound calls answered on a company  number
•The number or percentage of all calls to a company number in which a Voicemail was left. 
•The number or percentage of all calls that were missed (includes Voicemail). 
•The total amount of handle time the user spent on the calls on a company number. Handle time is all live talk time and all hold time. 
•The average duration of a company number call, from answered until terminated. This includes live talking plus time on hold. 
•The amount if calls placed on hold for the numbers selected, the average hold time, or the number of abandoned calls put on hold. 
•The number of calls transferred, parked (or answered from park), total park time and the number of calls abandoned while the caller was put on park.

Click Reports > Analytics Portal > Company Numbers from the Admin Portal to access.

analytics - company numbers report

Company Numbers has two(2) parts that make up the report.


The number of internal or external phone calls to a particular phone number will be listed here.

Call Details

Call Details creates a breakdown of the individual call records that make up the filters selected.

See Analytics Portal - Create Company Numbers Report | RingCentral to learn how to create one.

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