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SummaryYou can generate a report from RingCentral Analytics Portal using Company Numbers. Follow the steps below to know how to create a Company Numbers Report.

Create a Company Numbers Report

1. Click Reports > Analytics Portal > Company Numbers from the Admin Portal

2. Click the Calendar to set the date. You can select preset time periods or select Custom Ranges. Click Done to set.

Click Calendar icon

3. Select the preferred Company Numbers report — Numbers or Calls.

4. Configure the settings for the selected report. 

Set KPIs for the Numbers report
Configure a Calls report

Set KPIs for the Numbers report

Set the filters for Company Numbers and/or Call Length, as needed. Click Select KPIs, then select the preferred KPIs from the list. Click Done.

Data will be shown under Trend and Company Numbers once set.

TIP: Click Show KPIs description to learn more information about each metric on the list.

Configure a Calls report

The Calls tab lets you search for calls, filter Company Numbers and Call Length. The search result will then display the following information:

  • • the callers' numbers
  • • the numbers called
  • • the result of the call
  • • the length of the call
  • • the handle time
  • • the call's start time
  • • the call's direction
  • • the number of queues the call went through
  • • the session map

5. You can click Download or Save your report. 

Download - Save Company Numbers Report


  • Reports can be downloaded in PDF or Excel formats.

  • When saving a report, you can enter a new name or overwrite the report using the same name. Saved reports can be accessed from the left pane by clicking Company Numbers.

Company Numbers Reports list

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