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SummaryYou can make use RingCentral Analytics Portal Subscription feature to automatically generate reports and send them to your email or to your recipients. 

You must first have a generated report in order to successfully create a Subscription. Follow the steps to learn how.


Analytics Portal - Create Subscriptions 

Two (2) ways to create Subscriptions:

i. Click Subscribe after creating a report
ii. Click Create Subscription in the Subscription section

i. Click Subscribe after creating a report

• When you have created either a Performance or Company Numbers report, click Subscribe.

analytics - subscriptions click subscribe

ii. Click Create Subscription in the Subscription section

1. Click Reports > Analytics Portal > Subscriptions from the Admin Portal

2. Click Create Subscription.

3. Enter Subscription Name.

4. Select Report type.

5. Select the report that you want to subscribe.

6. Select tabs.

7. Set the Email Delivery Schedule.

8. Select the file type.

9. Enter the email recipient of the Subscription in the Email field.
Click Add Email to add multiple recipients.

10. Click Create Subscription.

analytics - subscriptions create subscription

Your Subscription will then be listed in the Subscriptions section. You can also manage your Subscriptions from this section. See Analytics Portal - Manage Subscriptions | RingCentral.

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