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RingCentral Meetings End-To-End Encryption

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SummaryGetting to know the RingCentral Meetings End-To-End Encryption

What is RingCentral Meetings End-To-End Encryption?

End-to-end encryption is an added layer of RingCentral Meetings security. When enabled, all meeting data transmitted across the network is protected by the industrial advanced encryption standard with a 256-bit key. It will force encryption across RingCentral Meetings running on desktop and mobile apps, but not PSTN dial-in. This end-to-end encryption is designed to meet the security requirements in many industries, such as legal and healthcare.

Features and Benefits

• Enable meeting data transmitted across the network is protected by using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit key.
• Designed to meet security requirements in certain industries (healthcare, legal, etc.).

Supported Endpoints

• Desktop: Mac, Windows and Chrome
• Mobile: iOS & Android
• RingCentral Rooms and Room Connector
• PSTN is NOT supported

NOTE: End-to-end encryption is supported in  Meetings apps version 5.4 and 6.0. However, Users with RingCentral Meetings version 5.4 on iOS devices will not be able to join an encrypted meeting. Users will need to upgrade to Meetings version 6.0. See RingCentral Meetings Usability Issues for more information.


Available for all Office plans with Meetings.

How to Enable

Account Administrators can enable the feature for the entire account. On the Admin Portal page, click Tools > Meetings > Meetings Settings > and click Edit on In Meetings (Basic) section. Tick End-to-end-encryption, and then click Save Changes.

admin account-wide end to end encryption

Users can also enable this feature to encrypt their own meetings if it is not yet enabled. If this feature has already been enabled by Account Administrators account-wide, a User cannot disable it. Users can go to Settings > Meetings > and click Edit on In Meetings (Basic) section. Tick End-to-end-encryption, and then click Save Changes.

user end to end encryption

How It Works

When end-to-end encryption is enabled, an encryption icon will be visible when screen-sharing or during a video meeting.

During a Screen-sharing Meeting

rc meetings during screensharing

During a Video Meeting

rc meetings during videomeeting


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