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User Settings - Chinese Language | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article provides information about the Chinese language updates. International RingCentral Users can change the language settings to their preferred local language on either the RingCentral Online account or RingCentral Phone for Mobile. Users based in China or Chinese territories such as Hong Kong and Taiwan can have a localized experience.


User Settings - Chinese Language

You can view both the RingCentral Online account and RingCentral Phone for Mobile in your preferred Chinese language. 

User Language Settings and Mappings


  • • Chinese - Mainland (zh-CN) - Mandarin 普通话 & Simplified Chinese 简体中文
  • • Chinese - Taiwan (zh-TW) - Mandarin (TW) 國語 & Traditional Chinese 繁體中文
  • • Chinese - Hong Kong (zh-HK) - Cantonese 廣東話 & Traditional Chinese (HK) 繁體中文(香港)
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