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RingCentral Support Website FAQs

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SummaryFrequently Asked Questions about the RingCentral Support Website.
1. What has changed?
Starting Nov. 6, 2018, support.ringcentral.com will replace success.ringcentral.com.
2. Why are some pages still hosted on the old URL (success.ringcentral.com)?
The initial roll out will cover the main support page. The rest will soon follow.
3. Can I revert to the old layout?
No, the new layout is designed to simplify and improve user experience in navigating the RingCentral support website.
4. How do I view my support cases?
Click Login at the top-right corner of the page and enter your credentials. For detailed instructions, see Log In to RingCentral Support.
5. Why can’t I see the Billing tab?
The Billing tab is accessible to administrators or those who have billing permissions. For more details, see User Roles and Permissions.
6. What is Ask RingCentral?
Ask RingCentral brings you the most relevant solutions to your questions. Once logged in, you can type a question and instantly get recommended articles. You can also choose to chat with a sales or support representative.
7. How do I provide feedback?
Head over to RingCentral community where you can share your ideas and feedback about RingCentral Support.
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