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Meetings - Start and Host a Meeting from RingCentral App (Glip) | RingCentral

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SummaryRingCentral Meetings embedded in RingCentral App (Glip) will allow you to schedule, start and join meetings directly. No need to download a separate RingCentral Meetings - Mobile. See steps below to learn how to start and host a meeting from RingCentral App.


Meetings - Start a Meeting from RingCentral App (Glip)

1. Launch RingCentral Meetings from RingCentral App (Glip).

2. Tap Meetings > Start.

rc meetings embedded  start.png

You can now start inviting Participants for your meeting. The Meetings controls would still be the same as starting a meeting from RingCentral Meetings - Mobile.

QUICK TIP: When you start a meeting, you automatically become the Host of the meeting.

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