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SummaryThis article describes the steps for administrators to unassign a phone from a user while retaining the digital line for the User.

How to unassign a deskphone

This article will guide you to unassign a phone from a user while retaining the direct number for the user. 

Use Case Scenario:
A user with an assigned desk phone and number is now working remotely. The user no longer needs the desk phone but needs to retain the direct number. 

NOTE: If you want to reassign the phone and number to another user or extension, go to Phones & Devices - Reassign phone to another user.

1. Go to Phone System > Phones & Devices.

2. Under User Phones, select the phone you need to unassign.

3. On the Phone details page, click Change Phone.

4. The "Change Phone" option allows you to convert the assigned device to a RingCentral Phone App.

This will free the desk phone from the phone number. The user will then need to log-in to the RingCentral Phone App using their phone number and password. The desk phone will now be on the unassigned phones list which you can reassign to a different digital line and/or user.

5. Update the Emergency Address information for the new phone.

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