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SummaryThis article describes how Call Handling rules work on Call Queues and Overflow Call Queue.

How does Call Queue / Overflow Call Queue Call Handling work?

The scenarios below describe which call handling rules will apply depending on your configuration:

1. Call Queue does not follow the user's advanced rule

Call Queue: Department A with Business Hours Call Handling Rule
User: John in Department A with Advanced Call Handling Rule (Forward to 3rd party number)

Incoming Call to Department A Call Queue connecting to John will follow Department A Business Hours Call Handling rule. Call will not forward to John's 3rd party number.

NOTE: When creating custom call handling rules, you can click on Validate Rules to check if your Call Handling configurations will conflict.

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For more information on Advanced Call Handling:
Call Queue - Access the Call Handling Section
Call Handling - Set Up Advanced Custom Answering Rules


2. Call Queue overflow doesn't follow the after-hours rule of the overflow selected. 

Call Queue: Department 1 - business hours is configured 24 hours.
Over Flow Call Queue: Department 2 - business hours (9am - 5pm) / after hours is set to unconditional forward to a 3rd party number

Calls to Department 1 will only overflow to Department 2 during 9am - 5pm. Calls received by Department 1 will neither overflow nor forward to a 3rd party number during after hours (5:01 pm to 8:59 am).
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