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RingCentral Meetings - MacBook Pro Touch Bar Support

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SummaryRingCentral Users who have MacBook Pro with Touch Bar can utilize the Touch Bar to control RingCentral Meetings. Using this feature will free Users from using their mouse or touch pad to control Meetings options.


How to Use MacBook Pro Touch Bar for Meetings

Users will have quick access to start a meeting or screen share, join a meeting, or schedule a meeting with Mac Book Pro Touch Bar for Meetings. During a meeting, you can mute/unmute, start / stop video, start / stop recording (if enabled), share your desktop, leave / end the meeting, and access Meetings Settings.

NOTE: Make sure that you are signed in to the latest version of RingCentral Meetings for Desktop and your Macbook Pro Touch Bar shows App Controls.

You will have the following buttons when signed in to RingCentral Meetings:

• Start a meeting with video
• Start a meeting without video
• Join a meeting
• Schedule a meeting
• Start sharing your screen
• Settings

The following buttons will be available during a meeting:

• Mute / unmute microphone
• Start / stop video
• Start / stop recording (if enabled)
• Start / stop sharing Desktop
• End / Leave meeting
• Access settings

rc meetings - macbook pro touch bar

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