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Billing - Invoice Billing Definition of Terms and Frequently Asked Questions

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SummaryInvoice Billing definition of terms and FAQs

Explanation of Services 

Here is a list of services you may see billed on your invoice:
Minutes toll-free bundleA Toll-Free Minute Bundle allows you to add minutes to your Toll-Free Usage.

This is applicable when you have consumed the Toll-Free minutes allotted on your account per Billing Cycle.
Additional local numberCharges for adding a local number.
Additional toll-free numberCharges for adding a toll-free number.
Calling Credit PackagesThese are calling credits for remaining minutes and they vary depending upon the calling plan you have. 
Compliance and Administrative Recovery Fee                                                                                                                                  The RingCentral Compliance and Administrative Cost Recovery Fee (“CRF”) is a fee that RingCentral charges in order to recover the various costs and expenses that it incurs in connection with complying with legal, regulatory or other requirements. The CRF is not a tax, nor is it mandated by any level of government or government agency. 
DigitalLine BasicDigitalLine Basic is a RingCentral Professional Plan. Use your existing RingCentral Professional plan minutes for inbound and outbound calls anywhere in the US and Canada.
DigitalLine StandardDigitalLine Standard is a RingCentral Professional Plan. It includes 500 minutes of outbound calls to local and long-distance calls anywhere in the US and Canada. Additional minutes are only at 3.9cents per minute.
DigitalLine UnlimitedDigitalLine Unlimited is a RingCentral Professional Plan. It includes Unlimited outbound local and long-distance calls anywhere in the US and Canada.
DigitalLine InternationalDigitalLine International is a RingCentral Global Office Plan. A DigitalLine International allows the purchase of additional minutes packages for international outbound calling on their RingCentral accounts.
E911 Service FeeThis fee is used to recover RingCentral's costs directly associated with providing 911 and E911 for DigitalLine customers. This is not a government-mandated charge. This fee applies to DigitalLine and VoIP customers only.
State and local taxesThese are State, Local, & Provincial taxes.
Universal Service Fund (USF)USF is the Federal Universal Service Recovery Fee.This fee is used to recover contributions RingCentral is required to make to the federal Universal Service Fund, which provides support to promote access to telecommunications services at reasonable rates for those living in rural and high-cost areas, income-eligible consumers, rural health care facilities, and schools and libraries.

RingCentral is permitted, but not required, to recover these costs from its customers. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) sets the applicable USF rate on a quarterly basis and is subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is a Prorate Credit?

Prorate credit is a credit provided for the unused portion of an added product mid billing cycle.

What does credit or money back mean?

Credit or money back is a credit provided for the unused portion of a removed product or changed plan mid billing cycle.

What does refund mean?

Refund is a billing credit that RingCentral deemed as your sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any erroneous billing. Service Refund is a credit for agreed upon free service.

Why are there different start and end dates for certain line items on my invoice?

Services added mid-service period will reflect the date the service was added for a full 30-day cycle. A prorate credit will be added to offset the period in which the services were not available for use.

What is a Calling Credit Package?

Calling credit package is an allotment of purchased calling credit charged when the below call types are initiated and repurchased once credits are depleted.
1. Included calling credits for international calls are exhausted 
2. Included calling credits for incoming toll-free calls are exhausted 
3. Calls to information (411) are made

Once the allotted minutes are used up and one of the three call types are initiated, another Credit Calling Package is auto-purchased which will provide you with a new allotment of minutes until used up where another calling credit package will be purchased as your usage dictates.

To view charges through the Ring Central Phone System:
1. Navigate to https://service.ringcentral.com
2. Log in.
3. Click Call Log.
4. Click Detailed.
5. Change Show Call Log records for. For example: Last 60 days.
6. Click Download.
7. Filter for purchased amounts.

If you require additional information about what triggered the Calling Credit Package charge, you can log into your Customer WebPortal to view these charges. If you have any questions about this feature, you can open a case with RingCentral’s Support team, click here. For more information about Calling Credit package, see this Knowledgebase article.

How do I determine what phone numbers are associated with the lines I am being charged? What are the details of my service charges?

You can obtain details of your service by visiting your RingCentral Web Portal. For questions on how to access the portal, or about this feature, please contact your Account Administrator, Account Manager, or by opening a case with RingCentral’s Support Team. 

How can I download my invoice? 

You can print invoices from the Billing tab of the RingCentral phone system. 

Can I download past invoices?

You cannot download past invoices. If you need a past invoice, send an email to: invoicebilling@ringcentral.com.
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