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Caller ID - CNAM still not activated after request

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SummaryWhat if my CNAM is still not activated after submitting the request?

Contact RingCentral Customer Support for assistance and provide the Date and Time when the request was submitted or re-submitted.

After the request for CNAM is approved, RingCentral needs to wait for the other carriers to update their Caller ID Name database. Other carriers will only be able to see the updated Caller ID Name after they update their local CNAM repository.

Example: Becky requested to change his company's Caller ID Name from "BIG JOHN" to "BIG JOHNS PIZZA". On the 14th day, the Caller ID Name "BIG JOHNS PIZZA" was applied to User1's phone numbers. Carrier1's users are able to see "BIG JOHNS PIZZA" as his Caller ID Name, but Carrier2's users are still seeing "BIG JOHN". The reason why Carrier2 is still seeing "BIG JOHN" as Becky's CNAM is because Carrier2's Caller ID Name database is outdated. The solution is for Carrier2 to download and apply the updated list of Caller ID Names so that Carrier2's will see the updated Caller ID Name for Becky's phone numbers. 

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