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Caller ID - No external Caller ID Name (CNAM) service for Canadian numbers

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SummaryFor Canadian numbers, we do not have an external CNAM service.

CNAM in Canada is handled a bit differently than how it is in the United States. The carrier who hosts the destination number (being dialed) has a name associated with the number seen as the calling number. It is that carrier’s database that is incorrect. This aspect is the same for both US and Canada dialed numbers; the destination carrier sends the CNAM of the calling number from their database to their subscribers.

For issues like this in the US, carriers will dip a CNAM providers' database to update the names on phone numbers. For issues like this in Canada, the carriers do not typically dip the CNAM database so, to correct, the carrier(s) who have the wrong name need to be manually corrected. They have CNAM providers in Canada, but most carriers in Canada do not have an automated method for CNAM updates. 

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