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SummaryCode Snippets is a feature to enable quick sharing of a small region of re-usable source code, machine code, or text. 
You can view, add, edit, delete, sort, filter, group or rename snippets with this feature.


How to post Code Snippets  

1. In a conversation, may it be in a team, group or in a private message, click the Plus (+) button, and then click < > New Snippet

add code snippet

A New Snippet window will appear.

2. Enter the Title of your Snippet. 

• You can select a specific type of Snippet or set it to Auto Detect Type. If you set to Auto Detect Type, this will automatically detect which programming language/s that you are working with and automatically highlight certain keywords and adjust the spacing accordingly for you.
• You can also click on the Wrap checkbox to avoid scrolling horizontally and Add Comments.

post code snippet

3. Click Post.


How to view, copy, and download Code Snippets


• Hover on the posted code snippet in the conversation stream and click Expand to view the full snippet.

expand snippet

• Hover on the posted code snippet on the expanded snippet again to Collapse.

collapse snippet

• You can also click Copy copy snippet or Download download snippet when hovering on the posted snippet. 

- Copying a snippet will retain the formatting of the original code.
- A downloaded snippet will be in a .txt file.

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