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RingCentral for MS Teams - Call Command

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SummaryThis article is about starting an Audio Conference using the RingCentral MS Teams bot.

How to start an Audio Conference using the RingCentral MS Teams bot?


1. In the new conversation box, type @RingCentral.

2. Click RingCentral under Suggestions. 

3. Under What can I do? Select Call. You can also type @RingCentral, press the space bar once and type Call

4. Click or Press Enter.

5. The RingCentral bot will respond with a message with the following information and options: 

Dial in Number - reflects the number which the Host and Participants will call to join the Conference. 

Participants Access - code that allows participants to join the Conference

Global Numbers button - click to show the page for the list of International dial-in numbers for conferencing. 

Dial in button - click to automatically call the dial in number and join the conference. Continue with the steps below.


6. Click Dial In.

7. A browser window will open and will ask you to pick an app. Click Open Pick an app. Select the option Always open these types of links in the associated app to prompt your browser to remember your choice.

8. Under How do you want to open this, select RingCentral Phone, then click OK. Select the option Always use this app to set RingCentral as the default app.

9. The RingCentral Phone will launch. Depending on the following conditions: 

• If signed out, you will be asked to log in.

• If Direct dial is not available (no DigitalLine associated with the RingCentral phone), you will be asked to use the RingOut feature. 

• If you are signed-in and Direct dial is available, RingCentral phone will dial the conference dial-in number automatically and you will be asked to enter the conference access code followed by the # key.


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