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Troubleshooting: "RingCentral has been detected using Microphone" on Samsung Note 8

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SummaryWorkaround for Samsung Note 8 App Permissions Monitor message “RingCentral has been detected using Microphone.”


My new Samsung Note 8 phone has been alerting me that RingCentral has been detected using Microphone. This happens at random hours a day, and random times.
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• Samsung Note 8
• RingCentral Mobile app (all versions) 


The App Permission Monitor feature is turned on for the RingCentral Mobile app from the phone's System Settings. 

Root Cause

• The notification is due to the new feature on Samsung Note 8 named App Permissions Monitor.
• The App Permissions Monitor sends notifications even when some apps are performing normal operations.
• The RingCentral Mobile app only accesses the microphone when you are in a call, it will never access the microphone in the background
• When the RingCentral Mobile app is killed (either by system or user), the app will keep a background service running in order to make sure that the user can receive incoming calls.
• When the RingCentral Mobile app's background service is activated, Samsung Note 8's App Permission Monitor will validate the permissions that the RingCentral Mobile app has to make sure that the user can answer the call if it comes in.


Turn off the App Permission Monitor for the RingCentral Mobile app from the phone's System Settings.

NOTE: The same workaround can be used if the App Permission Monitor's message is related to other permissions given to RingCentral such as Calendar or Contacts. 

Step 1: 

Go to your phone's Settings, and then select Lock screen and security

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Step 2: 

Tap App permission monitor

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Step 3: 

Find and select RingCentral in the app list. 

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Step 4: 

Turn off the Microphone by tapping on its toggle in RingCentral's permissions list. A Blue toggle indicated that the permission is enabled, while a Gray toggle indicates that the permission is turned off. 

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RingCentral's Development team is working on modifications to the RingCentral Mobile app to avoid random messages from Samsung Note 8's App Permission Monitor.
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