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SummaryThis article discusses the overview of voicemail-to-text for Canada and Australia.

Voicemail-to-text for Canada and Australia


How does it work?

When a voicemail is received, the message is translated and displayed in your Email Notification, RingCentral Phone or RingCentral Phone Mobile App. This feature is also available for Canadian French and Australian English. 
Example: A sales agent cannot answer calls during a meeting or at a restaurant with a client. With the Voicemail Preview feature enabled, he is able to "read" the voicemail messages from his RingCentral Phone Mobile App.


• Voicemail to text conversion is not instantaneous and may delay the delivery of the voicemail Notification Email (depending on the length of a message).
• Voicemails are converted to text using an automated machine based process that is not 100% accurate. Accuracy of the conversion can be influenced by the accent of the speaker, the quality of the connection and other factors.
• Voicemail-to-text conversion is limited to the first 60 seconds of the message.
• Short voicemail messages (less than 5-6 seconds) will not be converted to text.
• Bulk enablement not supported. Feature needs to be enabled for each phone number or User. 
• View transcript as a text message is not offered.
• Voicemails-to-text for Canadian French and Australian English are available to Premium and Ultimate plans only.

How to change language for Voicemail-to-text?

1. Log in to your RingCentral Account. 

2. Under Admin Portal, go to Users > User List > Users With Extensions. 

3. Select a User and click User Details > Settings and Permissions.

4. Under Regional Settings, click Edit. 

5. Under User Language, click the drop-down and select the desired language. 

6. Click Save.


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