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Supported File Attachments for Faxes

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SummaryWhat are the supported File Attachments for Faxes?

RingCentral Internet Fax makes faxing easy by allowing you to send a fax message and attach several file types without a fax machine or dedicated line. 

To prevent issues when sending your documents as fax attachments, make sure to check the following before sending your fax message: 
• Ensure that the attached files are supported. For the list of supported file types, scroll down to the table below.
• Ensure that the file name of the attached files do not include ampersands (e.g. &) or other special characters such as @#$%^&*, etc...
• Ensure that the attachment does not exceed 200 pages.
• Ensure that the combined size of all attachments do not exceed 20 MB.

Supported File Types

File ExtensionApplication TypeSupported Versions
pdfAdobe Acrobat / Adobe ReaderAll
psdAdobe PhotoShop3.0 and higher
doc, docx, docm*Microsoft WordWindows: 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007
Mac: 4, 5.x, 95, 98
dotMicrosoft Word Document TemplateAll
mcwMicrosoft Word for Mac4 - 5.1
xls, xlsx, xlsb, xlsm*Microsoft Excel5, 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007
ppt, pptx, pptm*Microsoft PowerPoint4 and higher
vsd, vdxMicrosoft VisioAll
pubMicrosoft Publisher98, 2000, 2003
wpsMicrosoft WorksAll
wriMicrosoft Windows WriteAll
awdMicrosoft FaxAll
tif, tiff, gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, pcx, tgaGeneric Graphic FormatsAll
rtfRich Text FormatAll
txt, log, h, cpp, c, err, hppText FilesAll
wk1, wk3, wk4Lotus 1-2-3All
wq1Quattro Pro DOSAll
xmlExtensible Markup LanguageAll
html, htmHyperText Markup LanguageAll
csvComma Separated ValuesAll
IMPORTANT: Macro-enabled files that require a macro to execute for the file to open are not supported.

RingCentral recommends setting Adobe Acrobat Reader as the default PDF file manager/reader. Though there are some PDF Readers available on the internet, RingCentral strongly suggests to use Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free software and can be downloaded from Adobe's website.

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