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SummaryThe Notifications section of your RingCentral Online account allows you to  customize the notification settings for received faxes,  including the ability to receive the fax as a .pdf attachment. 

NOTE: The following steps are applicable to users who are subscribed to RingCentral Fax plans only. If you are a RingCentral Professional or Office plan user, go to Customizing the Messages & Notifications Settings through the RingCentral Online account.

Faxing - Send notifications to email for Incoming Fax

1. Log in to your RingCentral Online Fax Account.

2. Click Settings.

3. Select Notifications.

Customize the settings on how you want to be notified when you receive faxes.

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Received Faxes:

Under Notify me by:

• Select to be notified by Email or by SMS when you receive or send a fax, depending on which is checked (enabled).

• If you want to be notified by Email, you can tick the Include attachment with email​ check box to have a copy of your Fax Message (.pdf file) sent to your email. 

• You can also tick Mark message as read once emailed check box.

NOTE: For US customers, your voicemail and fax messages may not be delivered automatically to your email as an attachment. The voicemail and fax message will not be attached to the email notification if the HIPAA Conduit setting is enabled. To enable/disable this setting, call Customer Support for assistance. 

Under Send notifications to:

• Notify by Email - Enter the Email Address where you want the email notifications to be sent. You can enter multiple email addresses to receive the email notification by separating each using a comma. 

• Notify by SMS - Enter the Phone Number where you want to receive the text notification. then select the mobile number's carrier from Select Carrier drop-down list. Click Add

NOTE: If your carrier is not listed, you can contact your carrier to find out the email address by which you can receive text messages and enter it into the Phone Number field. For example yournumber@yourcarrier.com.

To remove the number, click the Delete or trash bin icon.

Fax Transmission Results:

Under Notify me by:

• Select to be notified by Email or by SMS for the fax transmission results.

Under Send notifications to:

• Tick the Use same email and text address as for received faxes checkbox to use the same settings for Received Faxes. Untick the check box to customize it. 

5. Click Save.


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