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RingCentral Meetings - Breakout Rooms

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SummaryHosts may want to break out a meeting into several rooms so that Participants can discuss by group. Breakout Rooms are deal for dividing meetings participants to smaller groups for discussion, activities or training. A Host can break out a meeting into up to 50 sub-meeting sessions. After the Host opens a Breakout Room, Participants in that breakout room will enter a new meeting session. Host can also move Participants back to the original main session. 

This feature is OFF by default. Account Administrators can enable this feature account-wide and for Users. Users can also enable this in their own Extension Settings.


RingCentral Meetings - Breakout Rooms

Enable Remote Breakout Rooms account-wide

1. Go to Tools > Meetings > Meetings Settings.

2. Scroll down to In Meeting (Advanced) and enable Breakout room.

rc meetings enable breakout room account-wide

Enable Breakout Rooms in your own Extension Settings

1. Go to Settings > Meetings.

2. Scroll down to In Meeting (Advanced) and enable Breakout room.

rc meetings enable breakout room extension

• You can only select either Breakout Rooms or Remote Support at a time for a meeting. 

How it works when enabled

When enabled in the account, Hosts can click Breakout Rooms on the Meetings Dashboard during a meeting.

Breakout Rooms | Host Controls 
Breakout Rooms | Participant Controls

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